Using Video in your Real Estate Business

Using Video in your Real Estate Business

You’ll want to attend the next live Agent Mastermind class if you answer YES to any of these three questions: 

Free Real Estate Class Atlanta1. Do you wish you had a way to set yourself apart in seconds and truly STAND OUT from other agents in competitive situations?

2. Do you wish you could cut down on the time it takes to convert a lead and convert your leads faster by building trust and credibility in as little as 7 seconds?

3. Have you ever heard a seller complain about their previous agents’ lack of communication or worse, do YOU or your business need to provide better communication to your clients?

Why would you want to attend? Because we have the solution, and it’s VIDEO!

Amy Broghamer, the creator of the online course “Sell 100% of your Listings” will be leading the class to share her video marketing expertise that landed her in the top 1% of realtors in her area!

Amy will share:

  • reasons to use video in your business to make more money and give you more time
  • tools or resources you can use immediately to implement video today
  • quick video tips
  • easy first videos to make with examples
  • excuses you will have for not using video
  • reasons those aren’t going to work and our 3 solutions for you

Get ready to learn easy, basic and actionable video tips, tools and resources to implement video in your business today to start making more money by:

  1. Setting yourself apart
  2. Converting leads faster
  3. And wowing with your amazing communication

Agent Mastermind | April 18th | 12 PM EDT

Dedicated to your success.

PS…On last week’s class, we chatted with Chelsea Stevens about how to stay compliant when it comes to branding and marketing! If you’d like to watch a copy of the class, please let me know!

Dan McKenzie
Managing Partner, Options Mortgage Services