Marketing & Branding for Your Real Estate Business

Marketing & Branding for Your Real Estate Business

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On the next live Agent Mastermind class, we’ll be joined by advertising and branding specialist, Chelsea Stevens! Chelsea is the advertising manager for Success Mortgage Partners, Inc. and is well-versed in advertising compliance laws for real estate and mortgage lending for the U.S. and most of its states.

Chelsea is going to share what the best marketers do in order to embrace their customers, discuss the importance of marketing and branding yourself online, fill us in on the new role of content marketing, and dive into the basics of real estate compliance law and how it affects the way we advertise!

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Agent Mastermind | April 11th | 12 PM EDT

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PS…On last week’s class, we discussed some major changes happening in credit reporting start July, 1st! If you’d like to watch a copy of the class, please let me know!

Dan McKenzie
Managing Partner, Options Mortgage Services