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Why Choose Options Mortgage Service?

Best Rate, Program and Closing Costs Options in the Market

Because we are a mortgage broker, we are able to shop the best rates and closing costs for our customers.  You know how one day, Amazon may be the least expensive to buy those tennis shoes that you want and the next it could be Wal-Mart.  Mortgage rates and costs are the same way.  Our technology allow us to shop 100’s of lenders for the best rate / closing costs option and pass that savings along to you. Can you believe that some lenders actually try to buy the market and others may raise rates to slow down their business.  We watch all of this for you.

NO Surprises

  • Pre-Approvals are Right 100% of the Time

We take a full mortgage application, pull your credit to obtain your mortgage approval score, and collect all of your documentation before you go out looking for a home. This allows us to be 100% accurate on your Pre-Approval(pre-approval is better than pre-qualification) which carries more weight when you make an offer on a home.  Sellers and their agents want to know you’re Pre-approved.  The  2nd benefit is it allow us to get your loan closed very fast without you having to gather documents while you’re doing all the other items necessary during the home buying process.

  • Closing Cost and Payment Estimates are Always Accurate

There are 20+ separate line item costs on any given loan fee estimate. Most of this is 3rd party fees.  We are required by law to quote 3 of them correct.  Sad to say, but many Loan Officers will leave off costly fees so that their bottom line looks better.  Then, realty sets in when you see your loan application and additional fees are on there because they “missed them” or “were low on their estimate”.  Either way, they use deception to get you in the door.   The old Bait and Switch.  We pride ourselves in giving accurate information on all our Loan fee estimates.  No surprises on costs…..

  • Top Notch Communication Throughout the Process

We have an automated email communication process to let you know where your loan is at 11 different events throughout the loan. We also give you weekly status calls as well as text to keep you up to date on your progress.  If that is not enough, my team is available via phone/text/email to answer any questions you may have.  It is not just one person your working with, but a team.

  • Always Close on Time

I have seen it, and, it is no fun. Think of all the logistics required when you move. Utilities turned on/off, movers scheduled, repairmen scheduled, Kids moving school, the list is huge.  Now, imagine having to push everything out a week or even worst, your loan is denied at the last minute.  Because of all the preparatory work we do on your behalf, we close on time…

  • Local Expertise and Availability

Sarcastically, I call it 1-800-WECARE. You know when you call the 800 number and speak with a different person every time.  They have to review your file every time and look at the last person’s notes.  You never get a feeling that things are going the way you want them to.  Your anxiety level is off the charts because moving and buying a home is stressful.  Buying a mortgage is not like having a pair of shoes shipped to your home via Amazon. You want local people that know your market costs, home values, closing attorneys, title search firms, appraisers, inspectors, realtors etc.  Don’t trust the most costly and stressful transaction of your life to some 800# group in some other state to assist you.  We are here for you and live in your neighborhood.

  • 5 Star Reviews


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