Georgia Homestead Exemption Decoded

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Are you a homeowner in the State of Georgia? Do you know the status of your property tax exemptions? You may be entitled to more property tax relief than you realize.

Georgians don’t often think about property taxes during the summer. We often only remember to check into our property tax status during tax season, when it may be too late.

Georgia Property Tax Homestead Exemption applications are due each year on April 1st. But did you know you can actually file your application at any time?

There is one Georgia homestead law for the entire state, however; each county and city each county and city has the opportunity to increase the benefits to its residents. To learn more about the homestead exemption in your county, take a look at this week’s blog post. It explains the Georgia Homestead exemption in general and provides specific information for each Atlanta county.

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The Georgia Homestead Exemption: Decoded

In the State of Georgia, there are special benefits conferred to properties that qualify as homesteads. Only homeowners can receive the benefits of a homestead property, and these benefits are only available if the home is the owner’s legal residence as of January 1 of the taxable year. There is an exception to the primary residence rule if the homeowner was away from home during the year due to health reasons.

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happy clients

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