Using a Reverse Mortgage for Purchase

Reverse Mortgage house home moneyTraditionally a reverse mortgage has been a financial tool for existing homeowners (62+), which allows them to tap into a portion of their home’s equity without having to sell, take on a new monthly mortgage payment, or give up title/ownership.

Last year, 42 million people in retirement age moved into a new home, and while you might think of downsizing in retirement – 30% actually upsized their home! Think about what those numbers might look like if we all knew a little bit more about reverse for purchase and how it can help our clients over the age of 62 not only get in a new home – but the home they want, deserve, and earned!

On the next live Agent Mastermind class, we’ll be joined by reverse mortgage expert, David Heilman! David is going to share his reverse mortgage strategies and expertise with us along with some powerful insights on how to break into this niche market!

Agent Mastermind | March 7th | 12 PM EST

PS…On last week’s class, we went over how to find, hire, and train your first ISA! If you’d like to watch a copy of the class, please let me know!

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Dan McKenzie
Managing Partner, Options Mortgage Services