Save 30+ minutes a DAY with GBOX Zero

Subject: Save 30+ minutes a DAY with GBOX Zero

Let me guess, you have 2300 + emails in your inbox, takes you 15 minutes to find an old email, and you use your inbox as a task list? So what does it feel like to have an empty inbox and have an extra 30 + minutes a day?

Don’t let yourself get bogged down by endless email distractions, and join us for a brand new Agent Mastermind class where we’ll discuss exactly how to systematize and delegate this task so you can focus more time on doing what you do best – SELL!

We will share with you:

  • Why Gmail
  • Why Reply, Waiting and Archive is all you need
  • How to filter 99% of your inbox
  • A sneak peek at the new inbox by Google
  • How to remove spam forever
  • The amazing search function
  • Google Docs in the clouds
  • Calendar in the clouds that you can share
  • And so much more!

Remember, the key to long-term success is to make small incremental changes over time. If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to manage your day-to-day routine, make sure to catch this week’s class!

Agent Mastermind | January 10th | 12 PM EST

PS…On last week’s class, we chatted with Kelly Cook about the 3 core competencies of his business that have helped him become a prominent agent in his area! If you’d like to watch a copy of the class, please let me know!

Dedicated to your success,

Dan McKenzie
Managing Partner, Options Mortgage Services