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3 days ago
RANKED: The greatest US presidents, according to political scientists

Nearly 200 political science scholars ranked American presidents on a scale from 0-100, or "failure" to "great."

3 days ago
ARMS and 2nd Mortrgages

I am always looking for ways to "SAVE YOU MONEY" on the cost of home ownership. If you have an ARM - Adjustable Rate Mortgage and/or a 2nd Mortgage, you may be able to save BIG money by refinancing ... See more

1 week ago
Consistency Over Intensity - More business less pain

​By the way, if you know of anyone looking to purchase, sell, or refinance a home, would you have them give us a call?  We will be sure to take great care of them.

2 weeks ago

One of the best closings I have had. Kent and his fiance were so happy, they were crying. The seller was crying because she was so happy they were getting the home. Sometimes I forget how ... See more

1 month ago
Text Us | Crisis Text Line

How does Crisis Text Line work? Here's what happens when you text HOME to 741741 in the United States.

1 month ago

Another Great free CE class...

Just had a great CE class for my realtor friends for the real estate contract. Brian M Douglas and I live to do these free CE classes. It's our chance to give back to the realtor community. I am here ... See more

1 month ago

I am out wanted to share these numbers from my realtor friend Debra Orr

There are 798 homes for sale in Hall county today, including 51 new listings, and 16 price reductions. There are 203 homes ... See more

1 month ago
FREE CE Class - 2019 GAR Contracts

For my Realtor Friends, Free CE Class on the 2019 GAR Contract. Come join us, Lunch Provided....Happy New Year!!!

2 months ago
Around the Neighborhood

If your thinking of moving or just want to check out your neighborhood's values, schools, demographics etc., this is a great tool....

Let us show you some things you don’t see every day—the underlying factors that can impact your home’s value, from recent sales to school zones to the typical commute.

3 months ago

NO DownPayment FHA loan??? YES!

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