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1 day ago
What to Look for Before the Home Inspection

Selling a home? This is great info to prepare for the home inspection phase of the sale.

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Listing your home? John Kroening with All Pro Inspections takes us thru some of the items that home inspectors look for when completing the home inspection p...

1 month ago

Turn your photos into Super Cool Art visit my friend Mike Wells at: https://wonderworksphotography.com/

1 month ago
Are Real Estate Agents Obsolete? - Brian M. Douglas

In 1999, the word was "The internet is going to make the Real Estate Agent Obsolete" Today, It is as Wrong as it was in 1999.


If you have been in the home buying market in recent years, you may have had this very thought. After all, home buying is more high-tech than ever, and, contrary to popular belief, millennial ... See more

1 month ago
There is Always Someone Cheaper

Agree or Disagree?

It’s true: There is always someone who will do it cheaper. The image above is one that had resonated with me, and I have shared it numerous times with colleagues, clients, and friends over the ... See more

1 month ago
FREE CE Class - Staying in the Lead - Generating New & Maintaining Old Prospects

CE Class - FREE - For my Realtor Friends I am going to help you put together a marketing plan for closing 24 deals a year. Even if you do not need the CE class, you should come.....

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1 month ago
Surefire CRM

Quick Housing market update....

Do Americans still dream of owning a home? Check it out.

1 month ago

My Mantra for 2019....Consistency Over Intensity

"Routine Is A Sign of Ambition" W. H. Auden — ‘Routine, in an intelligent man, is a sign of ambition. A modern stoic knows that the surest way to ... See more

1 month ago

We don't have a lot of spare time at options mortgage. Because, we are always making things better for you. But when we do……

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