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1 day ago
The 2019 PNC Christmas Price Index

Just for fun, the annual "cost" of the 12 Days of Christmas!
#homeloans #mortgages #refinance

From Partridges in Pear Trees to Drummers Drumming...check out how much the quirky gifts from “The Twelve Days of Christmas” cost this year!

3 days ago
10 Housing and Mortgage Trends for 2020

Good news - rates are expected to stay low in 2020!
#homeloans #mortgages #refinance

In most places, it will still be a seller's market in 2020. Read more about this and other housing and mortgage trends.

5 days ago
20 Beautiful Christmas Porch Ideas

Update or add some holiday curb appeal to your home this year. #refinance #mortgages #homeloans

1 week ago
Find the Right Realtor: 9 Tips from Happy Homeowners

Looking for a realtor? Here's some things to consider! #homeloans #mortgages #refinance

It's quite the challenge to find the qualified candidate to lead you into the world of real estate, no matter whether you're looking to sell or looking to buy. Here, we've picked the brains of ... See more

1 week ago
5 Steps to Buying a Home That Won't Bust Your Budget

Looking to buy a home in the new year? Let's chat!
#mortgages #homeloan #refinance

One question holds the key to home-buying success: Can we afford it? Lucky for you, you don't need a degree in rocket science to find the answer. You just need to know how to budget. Here's how.

1 week ago

Reduce your stress and enjoy your holidays more!
#refinance #homeloans #mortgage

2 weeks ago

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Options Mortgage!

2 weeks ago
House Flipping

Here’s a peek inside what it takes to profitably flip properties.
#mortgages #homeloans #refinance

Successful house flipping is as much a business endeavor as a real estate investing strategy. Here are six key aspects of profitable flipping.

2 weeks ago
Ma & Pa Kettle Math

The Math in the mortgage business can seem this frustrating sometimes. My hope is to help make the Math in the mortgage business understandable. #mortgage #homeloan

Film clip of old Ma & Pa Kettle bit (Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride).

3 weeks ago
Can My In-Law Be My Executor? - Brian Douglas Law

Something to think about when estate planning.
#homeloans #mortgages #refinance

When someone is drafting their estate planning documents, he or she is tasked with naming an executor – the person responsible for managing their estate after they pass away. While many people ... See more

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