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Dan McKenzie of Options Mortgage Services in Alpharetta opens his FaceBook forum of news, upcoming events, videos, advise to first time home buyers and more!

Stay on top of information about today’s Real Estate, Lending and Housing Market!

17 hours ago
15 Mortgage Tips for First-Time Homebuyers | The Motley Fool

Are you working with some first-time homebuyers? Pass along this article, it's a great clearly stated list of what they can expect in the mortgage process. #mortgages #homeloans #refinance

If you're buying your first home, you need to know certain things about the mortgage process.

3 days ago
7 Best Things About Fall Real Estate – Real Estate 101 – Trulia Blog

Fall is a great time to buy!
#homeloans #mortgages #refinance

Spring is traditionally the best month to buy or sell a house, but here are seven reasons why the fall real estate season is a great time to buy a home too.

4 days ago
Surefire CRM by Top of Mind

Markets in a Minute....10-10-2019

Downward pressure on rates plus 3 home selling tips. Check it out!

5 days ago
A Homebuyer’s Guide to VA Mortgage Loans

VA loans are a great option for home buyers that qualify. This article outlines the requirements and the pros/cons. Let's talk about if this could work for you!
#mortgages #refinance #homeloan

VA mortgages can help you buy a home for 0% down. Here's what you need to know about this program.

1 week ago

Happy Monday, make the most of it!
#mortgage #homeloan #refinance

1 week ago
Hipsturbia, Co-Living And More Emerging Trends That Will Shape Real Estate In 2020

Good news for the market in 2020...The Urban Land Institute just released the industry's widely anticipated forecast, Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2020. It indicates that while real estate ... See more

The Urban Land Institute's latest Real Estate Economic Forecast sees continued growth for the economy and housing industry.

1 week ago
2019 Fall Festivals in the Mountains

I'm looking ahead to some weekend activities and finally cooler weather! What's your favorite fall festival?

We're ready for cooler days, blue skies, brightly colored red and gold leaves, apple pickin', cider drinking and fall festivals in the mountains

2 weeks ago
Flipping Houses vs Rental Property – Investing in Real Estate - Ideal REI

Flipping properties has become popular in recent years. Is it better to rent your investment property or flip? It depends...
#optionsmortgage #danyourmortgageman #danmckenzie #homeloans #mortgage

"flipping vs renting, which is better?" is a really hard question and there are lots of factors to consider before deciding to flip or rent.

2 weeks ago
Do You Need an Estate Plan if You are Single? - Brian Douglas Law

Great article lays out why it may be even more important to have an estate plan if you are not married. It's always smart to be prepared!

There is a common misconception that you don’t actually need an estate plan if you are unmarried or don’t have children. At Brian M. Douglas & Associates, we aren’t too sure where this idea ... See more

2 weeks ago
Why many older home buyers are ‘smart sizing’ rather than downsizing

Empty-nesters and retirees are no longer simply focused on downsizing their homes but 'smart-sizing' based on their lifestyle. So many great options out there!

Retirees often think they need to downsize for financial security, but that’s not always true, one expert says.

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