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3 days ago
Everything you ever wanted to know about Carpet Cleaning

I spent some time talking to my friend James Davidson, a carpet cleaning expert. Check it out.

In this video, my friend, James Davidson with Lomaxx Carpet Cleaning answers all your questions about carpet cleaning including: How do deal with spills, cle...

1 week ago
10 Smart Tips for New Homeowners

I love these tips for new homeowners!
#refinance #homeloan #mortgage
We are now licensed in GA, AL, SC, & FL!

Use this list of homeowner tips and tricks to make your transition from renter to owner easier.

2 weeks ago
Avoid Cabin Fever With These 125 Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained During the Coronavirus Crisis

Here are some fun ways to spend time together as a family indoors!
#refinance #mortgage #homeloan
We are now licensed in SC, AL, GA, & FL!

This info was accurate at press time, and we’re continuing to update our coronavirus coverage as we learn more.As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, many people are finding themselves in ... See more

2 weeks ago

I hope everyone finds a way to have a fun St. Patrick's Day this year!
#refinance #homeloan #mortgage
We are now licensed in AL, GA, SC, & FL!

3 weeks ago

Happy Friday the 13th!
#refinance #mortgage #homeloan
We are now licensed in AL, GA, FL, & SC!

3 weeks ago
10 Tax Tips for Homeowners

Here are some tips to help you out during tax season!
#mortgage #refinance #homeloan
We are now licensed in GA, FL, AL, & SC!

Mortgage payments, upkeep costs, property taxes -- it's no secret homeownership has its price. The good news? Aside from the satisfaction of having your own patch of land, you also get a ton of easy ... See more

3 weeks ago

Monday Motivation! Let's get things done today!
#homeloan #mortgage #refinance
We are now licensed in AL, GA, FL, & SC!

3 weeks ago
12 Essential Spring Gardening Tips

With the weather warming up, these Spring gardening tips are sure to come in handy!
#mortgage #homeloan #refinance
We are now licensed in AL, GA, FL, & SC!

Getting back to the garden can be overwhelming after winter. Follow these spring garden tasks to make your outdoor space the envy of the neighborhood.

1 month ago
Why You Should Buy Less House Than You Can Afford

You will thank yourself later!

We are now licensed in AL, SC, FL as well as GA.
#mortgages #homeloans #refinance

Spring will soon be here and you may be getting ready to buy a new home. It's an exciting time! I have some words of caution that may be surprising from a loan officer...Buy less than you can ... See more

1 month ago
FREE CE Class - How to Zillow Proof Your Business

Realtors! Zillow Proof Your Business....

During this 3-hour course, you will learn the basics of how to target a neighborhood and/or apartment complex so that you are the expert realtor for that area.  9% of homeowners in the Atlanta area ... See more

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