Creating a Camera-First Brand Strategy With Snapchat



Creating a Camera-First Brand Strategy With Snapchat

We have all heard the buzz about Snapchat! However, most adults have no idea how to even use the app let alone create any sort of brand strategy with it. Snapchat is not just for kids anymore! Today the fastest growing population of Snapchat users are 40-year-old women. Snapchat is a fun way to create a camera-first brand strategy.

On the next live Agent Mastermind Class, we will be joined by Chelsea Pietz, the author of Talking in Pictures: How Snapchat Changed Cameras, Communication and Communities.

Chelsea is no stranger to the world of real estate, as the Assistant VP and Director of Social Strategy for Fidelity National Title; she has been a frequent speaker on real estate marketing topics. She has 16 years of experience in the real estate space. She has been featured in the Huffington Post, Inman News and Inman Connect.  She is also the creator of “Chelschat” Snapshow: Marketing Snappily Ever After, a weekday Snapchat series sharing real estate marketing tips, tools and strategies.

She will bring you into her world of Snapchat, and unveil for you how using Snapchat daily is not only fun and entertaining but big business.

Some of the things you will learn on this class:

  • Why Snapchat changed all social media and branding
  • How to use it to build a brand and grow an engaged community of followers
  • What the best content practices are with utilizing Snapchat

Agent Mastermind | September 19th | 12 PM EDT

Dedicated to your success.
P.S. On last week’s class we learned all about Branding You! If you would like to watch a copy of class please let me know!

Dan McKenzie
Managing Partner, Options Mortgage Services