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FREE - Reverse Mortgage Basics Class

I know it is a little late, but I will be doing a Reverse Mortgage Basics Class at the Sugar Hill Community Center Thursday this week.  If your […]Read More »

Which mortgage is best for my client?

FHA vs Conventional When determining the best loan program for a client, we are looking at about 12 factors that can change the rate, closing costs, and even […]Read More »

Why it is Important to Get Pre-qualified for a Mortgage Loan

TIME, ENERGY, EFFORT Whether buying a home for the 1st time or selling your home, to purchase a home, you will spend a great deal of Time, Energy, […]Read More »

What are the loan basics for VA Veteran Administration Loan?

VA – Veterans Loan Basics I have seen a rise in VA loan applications these last couple of weeks.  So, I wanted to go over the basics and […]Read More »

Home is the place we experience our deepest emotions. This is the thing that makes us Human.

Whether it is big or small, it is a place for us to find Safety, have solitude, be with family and friends, and raise our children. This last […]Read More »

What are the loan basics for investment property?

Investment Property Loans for your Real Estate Investment Clients For some reason, this week was Investment property loan week.  With that in mind, I wanted to just cover […]Read More »

Key Items That Cause Problems With Appraisals

You have received your Appraisal. Now What? Everyone wants to see what the value is of their appraisal, but that is just the beginning of what the Mortgage Underwriter […]Read More »

Protecting Closing Funds From Thieves

How To Stop Your Clients Wired Funds from Being Diverted to a Fraudulent Account Wiring money is not a game and the funds that are wired are not […]Read More »


Credit and Current Monthly Debt Obligations are encompassed in Liabilities.  I have covered Credit and Credit Score in other blogs (Read More).  For our purposes, we are going […]Read More »


When we look at a Borrower’s Income, we are generally looking for income that is stable and verifiable for the next 3 years.  Income represents the borrower’s ability […]Read More »


When we Talk about Assets in the mortgage lending process, we are generally speaking about Liquid assets and funds for closing: Types of assets we can use: Checking […]Read More »


Here is a simplified breakdown of what we look for when we look at Property: Clear Title((ALTA endorsement 9) Appraised Value LTV(loan to value) is based on the […]Read More »

Pre-Approval, What We Look For

We use the Acronym PAIL P – Property A – Assets I – Income L – Liabilities Property – Value, Type, Home Owners Association Fees, Occupancy(Owner Occupied, 2nd […]Read More »

Self Employed, Bank Statement Loans

As many of you know, when a client says they are Self Employed, the 1st thing a good Mortgage Loan Originator is going to ask is, “Are you […]Read More »

Jumbo Loan for Foreclosures and Short Sales

Now there is a JUMBO loan for folks that have had a Foreclosure or Short Sale in the last 2 years! 90% Loan to Value 2 years since […]Read More »

Loan Program Quick Summary for You!

I was talking to some of my Referral Partners and they said it would be helpful to have an overview of the Mortgage Loan programs available in today’s […]Read More »

3 Levels of Credit Repair, What goes down can come UP!

The simplest way to build, keep and maintain a good credit score is to have at least 3 Revolving Credit cards that you keep the balance at 20% […]Read More »

Seth Godin on "Saying No"

I have been really enjoying listening and learning from Podcasts over the last year or so. One of my favorite podcast shows is The Tim Ferris Show. Tim’s […]Read More »

Home Buyer Loan Financing Fears

“Our research suggests that there are too many eligible home buyers sitting on the sidelines due to misperceptions or anxiety about being turned down for a loan”. – Fannie Mae DOWN […]Read More »

45% of People Surveyed believed that you need At Least 20% down to purchase a home.----Bankrate Money Pulse Survey

I almost Fell out of my Chair!  That means that almost half of Americans, that are not home owners,  believe that they need a 20% down payment to […]Read More »

Reverse Mortgage Purchase

Did you know? Your Client Can Use A Reverse Mortgage to Purchase a Home! What are the Requirements? Both Borrowers must be 62 years old or older Down Payment […]Read More »

Loan Program Spotlight – Alternative Credit

I asked my Referral Partners, “What information can I provide you that will help you reach your business goals this year?”  Their answer, “Give us information on different loan programs […]Read More »

Dan’s Prescription for Purchasing a Home

After 15 year in the Mortgage Business and 1000’s of loan closings, here are the basics to preparing your finances for purchasing a home.  If you are getting […]Read More »

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